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John M. Long School of Music Auditions


Three chromatically adjacent two-octave major scales; three octave chromatic scale on C or C#; standard solo that demonstrates both lyrical and technical ability; sight-reading.

Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe

Scales as indicated by all-state requirements; standard solo that demonstrates lyrical and technical ability; sight-reading.


B-flat scale, three octaves; selected two octave major scales; chromatic scales two-octaves beginning on any pitch; standard solo that demonstrates lyrical and technical ability; excerpts from Weissenborn 50 Advanced Studies - #10, 15 and 22

Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Three chromatically adjacent major scales; chromatic scales reflective of the performer's ability level; two solo movements or etudes of moderate difficulty and contrasting styles; sight-reading.


All applicants are encouraged to perform in all, listed major areas (Concert Snare Drum, Timpani, Mallets); drumset is optional, and you may also exhibit proficiency in rudimental snare drumming. The provided repertoire is only a suggestion. Please contact Dr. T. Adam Blackstock if you have any questions concerning appropriate alternatives. All Major Scales (two octaves) and Sight Reading are part of the audition.

Concert Snare Drum: Etudes by Cirone, Delecluse, Peters, Whaley, etc.

Timpani: Etude or Solo by Carter, Firth, Goodman, Lepak, Whaley, etc.

Mallets: Four-Mallet Solo by Abe, Bach, Burritt, Smadbeck, Stout, etc.
(Two-Mallet Etudes or Solos are acceptable, but Four-Mallet works are encouraged)

Drumset: Optional; demonstrate various styles (Swing, Latin, Funk, etc.)

Rudimental Snare Drum: Optional; solos by Markovich, Pratt, Wilcoxen, etc.



Two memorized compositions of contrasting style from standard vocal repertoire. These can be chosen from A) American, English, French or German art songs and/or B) solos from musical theatre, opera or oratorio; sight-singing; a test in aural ability (pitch, scale and tonal memory). Student should bring accompaniment music and an accompanist will be provided.


Two pieces from contrasting periods that feature contrasting styles, tempi, etc. - please provide score for the adjudicator; two major scales and two harmonic minor scales, hands separately or together, two octaves; sight-reading from a choral octavo of intermediate difficulty.


Audition should be performed on a nylon string classical guitar. i and m rest stroke first position major scales (two octaves when appropriate) C, D, E, A, F, Eb, Bb, G. two contrasting solo selections or etudes performed from memory equal or exceeding the level of difficulty of repertoire in Grade (Album) 5 of the Toronto Royal Conservatory Repertoire Series - Albums 1-8 - Frederick Harris, Publisher. knowledge of major, minor, diminished, augmented, dominant 7th chords, and an ability to read lead sheets. (guitar principals may be asked to perform in the jazz ensemble)

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